Extreme heat and cold are hard on car Batteries. If your vehicle is a few years old,
have the battery and charging system tested to make sure that your battery has the power to start your vehicle and that your alternator (voltage test) is recharging the battery as it should.

Every manufacturer sets a standard for (CCA) cold cranking amp requirements for each car. Testing your battery and charging system can help avoid being stranded on a cold winter night. At JET we will test your battery with a Midtronics Battery tester and provide you with a print out of your (actuial) cold cranking amps and check to see what the manufacturer requires for your vehicle.. We will also check to make sure you have
the correct battery (group size) in your vehicle.

Batteries have to be periodically replaced, low temperatures increase the odds of battery failure when the CCA's are low. Remember when the CCA's are very low you
increase the risk of your car not starting, why take that chance? Stay safe don't ignore your battery because your battery will ignore you on a cold winter night, and old man winter won't.

Without a Standard there is no Deviation ....!!!!