Engine Diagnostics

Check Engine lights are nothing to ignore these days, and should be checked by an experienced technician with the proper diagnostic tools. The check engine light can be activated by something as simple as a loose gas cap or something more serious like an engine misfire.

If your vehicle is running poorly and your experiencing poor gas mileage, you may have a serious problem like a misfire. A misfire is something that can be corrected with a proper diagnosis and repair. A proper diagnosis will tell you what caused the problem and what parts need to be replaced. Without a proper diagnoses you can spend a lot of money on parts that were never needed. It could be something as simple as spark plug replacement, or it can be something very serious like a leaking head gasket.

At JET auto service we have the best diagnostic tools and experienced ASE certified technicians to properly diagnose your vehicle's problems, we will repair your car or truck properly. So stop guessing when it comes to the check engine light and visit JET auto service for an accurate diagnosis and proper repair. Ignoring a check engine light can get very expensive, why take that chance?
Engine Diagnostics - Auto Service in East Longmeadow, MA