Tires & Wheel Balance

Think about driving a car with worn or bald tires on a rainy day and than applying the brakes. How much longer do you think it would take you to stop? If your vehicle is not equipped with anti lock brakes there is a very good chance of losing control with worn out tires on a wet road.

At JET we will refer to your owners manual and recommend the right tire for your vehicle. Every vehicle has a load range and speed rating, installing the wrong tire can sacrifice your safety. Motorist Assurance Program requires (B) that the tire be replaced if the load rating is less than OEM specifications.

Sometimes the vibration you feel may be your tires out of balance. Tires out of balance may cause vibration, and can result in unsafe driving conditions. At JET our top of the line COATS computerized wheel balancer will allow us to balance your tires, and put you back on the road without the vibration thats caused by unbalanced tires.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor's warn the driver when the tire pressure in one or more of the tires is at or below (25%) of the vehicles manufacturer's recommended cold inflation pressure. TPMS is here to stay and is a Federal Law, all vehicles sold since 2008 require
them. Proper tire inflation will provide better MPG, and extend tire life. Most TPMS sensors have a battery life expectancy of 5 to 10 years, TPMS sensor batteries are not replaceable.
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TPMS is designed to ensure the safety of passengers, much like a seatbelt or airbag. It would take an act of Congress to remove TPMS, and at JET AUTO SERVICE were betting that this won't hapen. We have made the investment and purchased the best TPMS scanners, and sensors to put your vehicle back on the road safely. If your car or truck is manufactured after 2007 your benefitting from TPMS technology. If
your TPMS light is on or blinking, it will stay on until the tire is inflated to the proper pressure, or the system malfunction is corrected.

We at JET compliment the importance of maintaining correct tire pressure and requiring TPMS, we are concerned about the percentage of under inflation that the law permits before warning the driver. A vehicle with a 26 PSI requirement would be at 19.5 PSI before the dashboard would illuminate the TPMS warning light. While the legislation is well intended we wonder if the drivers of vehicles with TPMS will be less likely to inspect their tire pressure once a month.

Tires are where the rubber meets the road and it affects traction, handling, steering, stability, and braking. Why guess at what's wrong with your tires?

In 2013 this shop was recognized nationally by the COATS corporation as the " BEST OF THE REST " we have top of the line tire equipment and can service most cars and light trucks. We also stock TPMS sensors and have the ability to replace and reprogram most TPMS sensors.
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Let JET AUTO SERVICE be your destination for all your tire needs. When it comes to NAME BRAND Tires are pricing is tough to beat...!!!